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FLEET-EYE Overview

Fleet-Eye is a modular software platform that is characterised by clear, simple and user-friendly operation.

It consists of individual modules that can be combined to provide our customers with optimum support for their various requirements.

The planning and structure of the forwarding software is based on your overall processes, which are broken down into individual processes. These individual processes in turn form the basis for defining the necessary modules.

This modular structure makes it possible to achieve simple and therefore cost-effective integration during operation. Above all, it means that only the software modules that are actually required are included.

Interfaces to external systems are also important and are becoming increasingly important as a possible optimisation potential. For example, orders can flow in from ERP systems or telematics providers can transmit the status and location of vehicles directly.

Maintenance & Workshop

Using predefined or customisable workshop types, mechanics can access the required work on the vehicle in a targeted manner. The module offers a high degree of flexibility and can be used by any company with its own workshop to simplify administrative tasks.


Simple and comprehensive invoicing of consignments. Individual or collective invoices can be created. Document printing, VAT determination, G/L account assignment and cost centre assignment are also possible.


SMS/email notification, emergency messages, arrival information, service, arrival, departure, delay, corridor check, fuel level, notification of driving without a map, no GPS, no speedometer data, etc.


Simple assignment of orders to vehicles, trailers and drivers. Sending of loading orders and text messages to vehicles in real time as well as graphical tour display and export options.

Loading equipment

Offers automatic booking of loading equipment movements, recording of loading equipment exchanges and account information by customer, employee, lorry and trailer. It is also possible to monitor loading equipment stocks and sources of loss.

Trips / Monitoring

The aim is to minimise transport costs, vehicle utilisation, working times and CO2 emissions and to plan partial, groupage and full loads quickly and efficiently. The tour post-calculation compares TARGET and ACTUAL data and displays them using traffic light colours.

Ramp Management

Reserve and book time slots for loading ramps and gain an overview of ramp utilisation. Helps to reduce waiting times and optimise personnel and vehicle planning. In addition, short-term delays or changes can be taken into account quickly and flexibly.


Offers various reports which enable target/actual analyses. Each report can be easily exported to Excel or Ascii. A traffic light colour system provides a quick overview.

Master data

Contains important information such as addresses, drivers, checkpoints, routes, companies, vehicles and more. Each master data record can be supplemented with additional information and forms the basis for all other modules.

Fuel & Toll data

Used to analyse and control fuel and toll invoices in combination with telematics and tacho data. It offers various reports, such as the individual performance records of the toll operators and the consumption per driver and department.


Communication between vehicles and scheduling enables flexible transport processes and real-time reports. The free choice of telematics partners and the integration of driver deployment data are further advantages: direct message exchange with all vehicles!

Expenses & Shift times MILOG

The functions include shift evaluation, shift time recording, expense accounting, expense rates and reports in accordance with legal requirements. Shift times can be individually defined and the expense report is based on position data from telematics systems.


Fleet-Eye Mobile supports employees in personnel and fleet management as well as drivers in their daily administrative work. The integration of NFC technology simplifies workflows and significantly reduces the error rate.

Fleet-Eye Mobile can be used as a stand-alone product or in addition to our web application.

Task management

Assignment of tasks, which are clearly displayed in the personal Fleet-Eye mobile app.

Equipment / Departure check 

The driver checks the equipment for completeness, documents any defects and forwards them to the control centre. Any damage can be documented directly via the app using a photo.

Damage report

Damage can be recorded by the driver and explanatory images added.

Working time

The working time is recorded via the app and sent to the head office.


PDF documents can be sent to employees or vehicles (individual, all, groups).

Vacation request

The driver can request a vacation via app at the head office.

Sick certificate

Sickness reports via app including adding of pictures, such as medical confirmation, sick report, etc. is possible.

Driver license check

The driver is reminded to carry out the driver license check in a selected period.


Simple and fast communication, automatic text translation and transmission of images.

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For more complicated problems, a look at your computer can help us to work out a solution together

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Our service team will be happy to help you with any questions or requests. 


+43 3586 300 54

Remote maintenance

For more complicated problems, a look at your computer can help us to work out a solution together

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Fleet-Eye Mobile

Fleet-Eye Mobile was developed to support your employees in personnel and fleet management as well as your drivers in their daily administrative work in a simple way. The intelligent integration of NFC technology makes work processes even simpler and significantly reduces the error rate.

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